Mary Doria Russell Quotes: There Are Times When We Are In The Midst

There Are Times ... When We Are In The Midst Of Life-moments Of Confrontation With Birth Or Death, Or Moments Of Beauty When Nature Or Love Is Fully Revealed, Or Moments Of Terrible Loneliness-times When A Holy And Awesome Awareness Comes Upon Us. It May Come As Deep Inner Stillness Or As A Rush Of Overflowing Emotion. It May Seem To Come From Beyond Us, Without Any Provocation, Or From Within Us, Evoked By Music Or By A Sleeping Child. If We Open Our Hearts At Such Moments, Creation Reveals Itself To Us In All It's Unity And Fullness. And When We Return From Such A Moment Of Awareness, Our Hearts Long To Find Some Way To Capture It In Words Forever, So That We Can Remain Faithful To It's Higher Truth.
... When My People Search For A Name To Give To The Truth We Feel At Those Moments, We Call It God, And When We Capture That Understanding In Timeless Poetry, We Call It Praying.
— Mary Doria Russell —

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