W. Somerset Maugham Quotes: C C My Dear Arnold We All Hope That You

C.-C.: My Dear Arnold, We All Hope That You Have Before You A Distinguished Political Career. You Can't Learn Too Soon That The Most Useful Thing About A Principle Is That It Can Always Be Sacrificed To Expediency.
ARNOLD: But Supposing It Doesn't Come Off? Women Are Incalculable.
C.-C.: Nonsense! Men Are Romantic. A Woman Will Always Sacrifice Herself If You Give Her The Opportunity. It Is Her Favourite Form Of Self-indulgence.
ARNOLD: I Never Know Whether You're A Humorist Or A Cynic, Father.
C.-C.: I'm Neither, My Dear Boy; I'm Merely A Very Truthful Man. But People Are So Unused To The Truth That They're Apt To Mistake It For A Joke Or A Sneer.
— W. Somerset Maugham —

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