Samantha Young Quotes: I Can Tell You That Its Okay To Feel

I Can Tell You That It's Okay To Feel Whatever It Is You're Feeling Right Now. It's Okay To Miss Him And It's Okay To Hurt And It's Okay To Feel Lost-just As Long As You Come To Me, Or Your Friends, Or Your Family, When All Those Feelings Try To Overwhelm You. Because In Amongst All Those Feelings, Some Of You Are Going To Be Angry, And Some Of You Will Need Someone To Blame. It's Okay To Be Angry. I Can't Tell You If It's Right Or Wrong To Feel Blame, But What I Can Say Is Don't Be Angry For Too Long And Don't Hold On To The Blame Forever. That Kind Of Anger Can Take Away A Piece Of You, A Piece Of You That You Might Not Get Back.
— Samantha Young —

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