Rachel Vincent Quotes: Can I See It He Blinked Still Scowling

Can I See It?"
He Blinked, Still Scowling, "See What?"
"Your Scar." His Expression Darkened Like A Sudden Eclipse And I Let My Gaze Grow Cold. "You Want To Hear Me Scream? Give It Your Best Shot. But Until Then, Every Time You Take Off Your Shirt, You May As Well Be Handing Out My Business Card. I Shoved My Blade Deep Inside You And Loved Every Single Inch Of It. When I Can't Sleep At Night, The Memory Of You Screaming Like A Little Bitch Is My Lullaby. And Everybody Knows Exactly What That Scar Means- That You Got Your Ass Handed To You By A Little Girl. Again.
— Rachel Vincent —

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