Arthur W. Pink Quotes: Again There Are Multitudes Who Are Quite

Again, There Are Multitudes Who Are Quite Ready For Christ To Justify Them, But Not To Sanctify. Some Kind, Some Degree, Of Sanctification They Will Tolerate, But To Be Sanctified Wholly,their "whole Spirit And Soul And Body" (1 Thess. 5:23), They Have No Relish For. For Their Hearts To Be Sanctified, For Pride And Covetousness To Be Subdued, Would Be Too Much Like The Plucking Out Of A Right Eye. For The Constant Mortification Of All Their Members They Have No Taste. For Christ To Come To Them As Refiner, To Burn Up Their Lusts, Consume Their Dross, To Dissolve Utterly Their Old Frame Of Nature, To Melt Their Souls, So As To Make Them Run In A New Mould, They Like Not. To Deny Self Utterly, And Take Up Their Cross Daily, Is A Task From Which They Shrink With Abhorrence.
— Arthur W. Pink —

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