Joshua Loth Liebman Quotes: Most Of Us Would Like To See Our Enemies

Most Of Us Would Like To See Our Enemies Defeated And Punished, And It Is An Ironic (and Gruesome) Human Truth That Many Of Us Unconsciously Entertain The Same Feeling About Our Friends And The Members Of Our Family. For There Is A Curious Ambivalence About The Human Soul: It Can Love And Hate The Same Object At The Same Time With Almost Equal Force. Society Suspects This. It Half Realizes That Civilization Is Perpetually Menaced Because Of This Primary Hostility Of Men Toward One Another. Therefore, Culture Has To Summon Every Possible Reinforcement Against These Aggressive Hatreds. Hence The Ideal Command To Love One's Neighbor As Oneself. This Commandment Is The Strongest Defense Against Human Hatred, And Even Though It Is Impossible To Fulfill It Completely, Men Cling To It. For They Unconsciously Realize That If This Commandment Were To Be Swept Away, The World Would Be A Place Of Chaos And Desolation.
— Joshua Loth Liebman —

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