Algernon Blackwood Quotes: Simpson The Student Of Divinity It Was

Simpson, The Student Of Divinity, It Was Who Arranged His Conclusions Probably With The Best, Though Not Most Scientific, Appearance Of Order. Out There, In The Heart Of Unreclaimed Wilderness, They Had Surely Witnessed Something Crudely And Essentially Primitive. Something That Had Survived Somehow The Advance Of Humanity Had Emerged Terrifically, Betraying A Scale Of Life Monstrous And Immature. He Envisaged It Rather As A Glimpse Into Prehistoric Ages, When Superstitions, Gigantic And Uncouth, Still Oppressed The Hearts Of Men: When The Forces Of Nature Were Still Untamed, The Powers That May Have Haunted A Primeval Universe Not Yet Withdrawn. To This Day He Thinks Of What He Termed Years Later In A Sermon 'savage And Formidable Potencies Lurking Behind The Souls Of Men, Not Evil Perhaps In Themselves, Yet Instinctively Hostile To Humanity As It Exists.'
("The Wendigo")
— Algernon Blackwood —

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