J.M. Coetzee Quotes: Since I Was In Flight From Religion I

Since I Was In Flight From Religion, I Assumed That My Classmates Had To Be In Flight From Religion Too, Albeit In A Quieter, Savvier Way Than I Had As Yet Been Able To Discover. Only Today Do I Realize How Mistaken I Was. They Were Never In Flight At All. Nor Are Their Children In Flight, Or Their Grandchildren. By The Time I Reached By Seventieth Year, I Used To Predict, All The Churches In The World Would Have Been Turned Into Barns Or Museums Or Potteries. But I Was Wrong. Behold, New Churches Spring Up Every Day, All Over The Place, To Say Nothing Of Mosques. So Nietzsche's Dictum Needs To Be Amended: While It May Be So That Only The Higher Animals Are Capable Of Boredom, Man Proves Himself Highest Of All By Domesticating Boredom, Giving It A Home.
— J.M. Coetzee —

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