Irene Hunt Quotes: We Had Good Long Talks About My Writing

We Had Good Long Talks About My Writing In The Days That Followed. "Write Of Things You Know, Julie; Familiar, Simple Things That You Have Experienced; Things That Have Touched You Deeply."
"But Nothing's Ever Happened To Me. I've Just Lived Here With Aunt Cordelia And You Most Of My Life, I've Gone To School, Visited Father
oh, Sure, I'm In Love With Danny, But That's Something We've Grown Into
very Wonderful For Us, But Not Very Exciting For The Rest Of The World. How Can A Person Who Has Lived As Quiet A Life As I Have Find Anything To Write About?"
"Then You Do Have A Problem. If You Haven't Lived Long Enough To Have Felt Anything Deeply, Than You Are In The Same Position I
as Many Would-be Writers Are. You've Nothing To Say. So Take Up Crocheting.
— Irene Hunt —

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