Adam Johnson Quotes: The Autopilot Is A Hands Free Piece Of

The Autopilot Is A Hands-free Piece Of Electronic Wizardry. It's Not Some Brutal Application Of Electricity Like One Of The Pubyok's Car Batteries ... Think Of Its Probing As A Conversation With The Mind, Imagine It In A Dance With Identity. Yes, Picture A Pencil And Eraser Engaged In A Beautiful Dance Across The Page. The Pencil's Tip Bursts With Expression - Squiggles, Figures, Words - Filling The Page, As The Eraser Measures, Takes Note, Follows In The Pencil's Footsteps, Leaving Only Blankness In Its Wake. The Pencil's Next Seizure Of Scribbles Is Perhaps More Intense And Desperate, But Shorter Lived, And The Eraser Follows Again. They Continue In Lockstep This Way, The Self And The State, Coming Closer To One Another Until Finally The Pencil And The Eraser Are Almost One, Moving In Sympathy, The Line Disappearing Even As It's Laid Down, The Words Unwritten Before The Letters Are Formed, And Finally There Is Only White.
— Adam Johnson —

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