Kaya McLaren Quotes: But Maybe Her Marriage Wasnt A Lexus

But Maybe Her Marriage Wasn't A Lexus. Maybe It Was A Pinto
one Of Those Cars Famous For Blowing Up When Rear-ended. As She Waited For The Mechanics To Fix Her Car, She Walked Out The Back Door To The Wrecking Yard And Through The Aisles Of Totaled Cars And Pickups, Vehicles That Other People Had Decided Weren't Worth Fixing. She Felt Just Like Them. She Felt Like That Buick With The Driver's-side Door So Crushed That The Driver Was Undoubtedly Hurt, But From The Look Of The Other Side, The Passenger Likely Skated Through Unscathed. She Felt Like The Saturn With The Shattered Windshield Through Which No One Could See What Lay Ahead. It Looked As If It Had Been Sandwiched In A Multicar Pileup. Jill Knew Exactly How It Felt To Crash Into One Thing And Then Get Smashed From Behind. She Studied That Saturn And Wondered Whether It Would Have Been Salvageable If It Had Only Been Rear-ended Instead Of Sandwiched, And She Wondered If The Same Was True About Her Marriage.
— Kaya McLaren —

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