L.A. Gilbert Quotes: I Knew You Were All Smitten And Shit But

I Knew You Were All Smitten And Shit, But Fuck, You Really Do Love This Guy." The Smirk In Darren's Voice Was Obvious. And Annoying. "Aw, Come On, Admit It - You Feel Like Cinderella, Don't You?"
"No, Darren, I Don't. And Do You Know Why?"
"No Sugar, Tell Me Why."
"Because I'm A Man. I've Got A Big Fat One And I Like To Fuck Other Guys." Darren Was Laughing Over The Phone Now, And It Made Reece Grin. "And Ben Isn't A Prince, He's A Cop. A Big, Sexy Cop Who Fucks Like A Machine. He's A Man. I'm A Man. We're Men." He Nodded Sharply. "Now Fuck Off. I'm Arranging Flowers.
— L.A. Gilbert —

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