Ned Beauman Quotes: You Know Shell Probably Be At The Party

You Know She'll Probably Be At The Party Tonight? Which Is Why I'm Absolutely Not Going If We Don't Get Some Coke.'
'Egon, Why Is It That Every Single Time You're Obliged To Be In The Same Room With One Of Your Ex-girlfriends You Have To Make It Into A Huge Emergency? It's Incredibly Boring.'
'Come On. You Know How It Is. You Catch Sight Of An Old Flame And Get This Breathless
animal Prickle Like A Fox In A Room With A Hound. And Then All Night You Have To Seem Carefree And Successful And Elated, Which Is A Pretence That For Some Reason You Feel No Choice But To Maintain Even Though You Know They're Better Qualified Than Anyone Else
in The World To Detect Immediately That You're Really The Same Hapless Cunt As Ever.'
'That's Adolescent. The Fact That You Are So Neurotic About Your Past Lovers Makes It Both Fortunate And Predictable That You Have So Few Of Them. It's One Of Those Elegant Self-regulating Systems That One So Often Finds In Nature.
— Ned Beauman —

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