Terry Goodkind Quotes: The First Law Of Reason Is That What

The First Law Of Reason Is That What Exists, Exists; What Is, Is, And That From This Ineducible, Bedrock Principle, All Knowledge Is Built ... That Is The Foundation From Which Life Is Embraced ... Thinking Is A Choice ... Wishes And Whims Are Not Facts, Nor Are They A Means To Discover Them ... Reason Is Our Only Way Of Grasping Reality
it's Our Basic Tool Of Survival. We Are Free To Evade The Effort Of Thinking
to Reject Reason
but We Are Not Free To Avoid The Penalty Of The Abyss We Refuse To See ... Reason Is The Very Substance Of Truth Itself. The Glory That Is Life Is Wholly Embraced Through Reason. In Rejecting Reason One Embraces Death.
— Terry Goodkind —

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