Darrin Patrick Quotes: Our Lack Of Discipline Destroys Our

Our Lack Of Discipline Destroys Our Freedom. Because We Try And Don't Train Wisely, We End Up Being Emotionally Driven. We Are Slaves To The Spectacular And The Spontaneous. Most Men Would Rather Be Entertained Than Be A Part Of Transforming The World, And That Erodes Manliness And Undercuts Our Confidence. If We Can't Control Ourselves, Then We Will Be Controlled By Everything Else. The Angry, Domineering Masculinity That Is So Dangerous Arises In Part Because Impotent Men Lack Self-control. They Lash Out Because They Are Frustrated That They Cannot Control Others Around Them. But They Do Not Control Themselves, Either, And Self-control Is Where True Freedom Begins.
— Darrin Patrick —

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