Joshua Hartzell Quotes: Loneliness Is Something That Finds Us

Loneliness Is Something That Finds Us All When We Think About It And When We're By Ourselves When We Don't Want To Be. It Creeps Up When We Desperately Feel Like We Need Someone Special But Can't Seem To Find Anything More Than A Friend That Wishes They Could Help. Sometimes A Friend Cannot Be Found When Your Willing To Settle For One. Sometimes It Passes Quickly, And Sometimes It Sticks Around To Try To Drive Us To Insanity. Its Like A Creature Lying In Wait To Take Us At Our Weakest Moment, But Only Toying With Us When We Give Up To It. In The End It Always Passes. There Is Always Something To Appreciate And Someone To Cheer Us Up. We Adapt And Overcome. Life Is A Gift With Much More To It Than A Passing Emotion. All Around Us Are Beautiful Things To Console Us. Life Is Much More Than One Feeling. It Is As Great As We Let It Be.
— Joshua Hartzell —

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