Pamela Morsi Quotes: Suddenly From The Depths Of That Chair

Suddenly, From The Depths Of That Chair Emerged The Biggest, Meanest-looking Dog Jesse Had Ever Seen. One Side Of His Face Had Suffered Some Disfiguring Injury.
The Jaw Hung Slack And The Eye On That Side Was Missing.
Jesse Froze In Her Tracks, Terrified That She Might Be Mauled By This Monstrosity Of A Pet. She Glanced
around, Looking For A Stick Or A Rock Or Anything To Defend Herself. There Was Nothing Close But She Was Afraid To Move. Surely If The Animal Were Dangerous, Floyd And Alice Fay Would Have Said Something. Jesse Waited Tensely For A Moment Before Realizing The Dog Wasn't So Much Growling Or Barking As He Was Howling; Loudly, Purposefully Howling.
"She Don't Bite," A Voice Called Out. "She's My Hillbilly Alarm System, Letting Me Know That They's Strangers About.
— Pamela Morsi —

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