Rachel Gibson Quotes: Ive Thought About What Ive Done Since I

I've Thought About What I've Done Since I Moved To Truly, And I'm Sorry That I Hurt You, Mick. But I'm Not Sorry That I Met You And Fell In Love With You. Loving You Has Broken My Heart And Caused Me Pain, But It Made Me A Better Person. I Love You, Mick, And I Hope That Someday You Find Someone You Can Love. You Deserve More In Life Than A String Of Women You Don't Really Care About And Who Don't Care All That Much For You. Loving You Taught Me That. It Taught Me How It Feels To Love A Man, And I Hope That Someday I Can Find Someone Who Will Love Me The Way That You Can't. Because I Deserve More That A String Of Men Who Don't Really Care About Me.
— Rachel Gibson —

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