Mike Birbiglia Quotes: Falling In Love For The First Time Is A

Falling In Love For The First Time Is A Completely Transcendent Experience. It's Like Eating Pizza-flavored Ice Cream. Your Brain Can't Even Process That Level Of Joy. Love Makes People Do Crazy Things Like Kill Other People Or Shop At Crate & Barrel. I Think On Some Level It Makes Us All Delusional. Deep Down, Our Whole Lives, No Matter How Low Our Self-esteem Gets, We Think, I Have A Special Skill That No One Knows About And If They Knew They'd Be Amazed. And Then Eventually We Meet Someone Who Says, "You Have A Secret Special Skill." And You're Like, "I Know! So Do You!" And They're Like, "I Know!" And Then You're Like, "We Should Eat Pizza Ice Cream Together." And That's What Love Is. It's This Giant Mound Of Pizza-flavored Ice Cream And Delusion
— Mike Birbiglia —

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