Kiera Van Gelder Quotes: But When I Look At Myself Squarely Its

But When I Look At Myself Squarely, It's Not Just That I Have A Few Difficulties Or Unresolved Issues. Unlike Those Lucky People For Whom Therapy Or Medication Delivers Them Back To Themselves, I've Been Suffering From Something That Was Unnamable For Most Of My Life. Yes, I've Had Periods Of Relative Stability, But The Whole Concept Of "recovery" Brings Up Some Painful Questions. What Do I Recover? With Drug Addiction, You Hear That You Can Recover And Reclaim Your Former Self, The Person You Were Before You Started Using. With Other Psychiatric Illnesses, Getting Rid Of Symptoms Means You're More Or Less Back To "yourself." But What If You Simply Don't Have A Solid Self To Return To-if The Way You Are Is Seen As Basically Broken? And What If You Can't Conceive Of "normal" Or "healthy" Because Pain And Loneliness Are All You Remember? "You Were Such A Happy Child," My Mother Says. But I Don't Remember That. So What Do I Recover?
— Kiera Van Gelder —

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