Alysha Speer Quotes: Youll Meet A Lot Of Stupid Guys Youll

You'll Meet A Lot Of Stupid Guys. You'll Probably Get Your Heart Broken More Than Once. You Might Reach A Point Where Life Seems Worthless Without Him. Maybe You've Already Hit That Point. I Can't Tell You To To Stop Crying, Because Sometimes, Crying Helps. I Can't Ask You To Smile, Because Sometimes, It's All You Can Do To Just Breathe. I Can't Make You Happy, Because That's Something You Have To Do Yourself. But I Can Promise You One Thing. I Will Be There For You. I Will Listen If You Need To Rant. I Will Hug You If You're Feeling Alone. I Will Drive You Away If You Need To Escape. I Will Buy You Coffee, Goddammit, If You Need Some. I Will Be There For You, Because You've Always Been There For Me.
— Alysha Speer —

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