Lisa Ann Sandell Quotes: I Wish I Could Say We All Lived Happily

I Wish I Could Say We All Lived Happily Ever After. I Can't. But I Can Say We Lived. Our Love For Nate Lives, And He's Left Us This Piece Of Himself In His Art; It Was His Gift To Us. We Know Him Through His Art, And I Can Take Comfort In That.
I Guess The Thing About High School Is, It's The Moment When You Start To Cross From A Being A Kid To Being An Adult, And This Journey To Know Yourself Begins. Nate's Journey Ended To Early, And I Thought I Had To Run Away To Some Far-off Land To Start Mine. But, For Now, It Seems To Me That I Have Enough To Explore Right Here. There's A Whole Continent To Discover In Myself, And I Know That It's Love - Love For My Parents, My Friends, My Brother, And My Art - That Will Guide Me. Love Will Be My Map.
— Lisa Ann Sandell —

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