Ethan Hawke Quotes: Look I Have No Idea Whats Going On I

Look, I Have No Idea What's Going On," I Said, Catching My Breath. "I Don't Like Myself Either. I Don't Know What's Happening To Me. I Don't Want To Tell You To Fuck Off. But You Gotta Understand, Everything In My Life Feels Different. I Just Want So Badly To Know If You Like Me. And I Know How Asinine That Sounds. If You Want Me To Leave You Alone, I Will, But Sometimes ... Sometimes You Meet Somebody And You Know That Whatever You Did Before, Whatever Your Life Was Before, It Must Have Been Right ... Nothing Could've Been Too Bad Or Gone Too Far Wrong Because It Led You To This Person. You're That Person. Do You Want Me To Go Away?
— Ethan Hawke —

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