James Agee Quotes: I Hear My Father I Need Never Fear I

I Hear My Father; I Need Never Fear.
I Hear My Mother; I Shall Never Be Lonely, Or Want For Love.
When I Am Hungry It Is They Who Provide For Me; When I Am In Dismay, It Is They Who Fill Me With Comfort.
When I Am Astonished Or Bewildered, It Is They Who Make The Weak Ground Firm Beneath My Soul: It Is In Them That I Put My Trust.
When I Am Sick It Is They Who Send For The Doctor; When I Am Well And Happy, It Is In Their Eyes That I Know Best That I Am Loved; And It Is Towards The Shining Of Their Smiles That I Lift Up My Heart And In Their Laughter That I Know My Best Delight.
I Hear My Father And My Mother And They Are My Giants, My King And My Queen, Beside Whom There Are Not Others So Wise Or Worthy Or Honorable Or Brave Or Beautiful In This World.
I Need Never Fear: Nor Ever Shall I Lack For Loving-kindness.
— James Agee —

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