Harriet Evans Quotes: I Think Sometimes The Bits Of Your Life

I Think Sometimes The Bits Of Your Life Happen In The Wrong Order, Or All At The Same Time And You Waste Time Feeling Angry About It, But That's The Way It Is, It's Real Life. You Meet The Person Who You Think Could Make You Happy The Rest Of Your Life, But At The Same Time Your Ex-girlfriend Who's Told You Umpteen Times She Never Wants To See You Again Tells You You're Going To Be A Dad.'
Elle Took Up The Story.
'And Then You Move To Another Country And Then The Next Time You See That Person, Even Though Its Like No Time Has Passed, You Sleep Together And Then - Your Mum Dies'
She Gave A Short, Sad Laugh.
'Yep That's Rubbish Timing
— Harriet Evans —

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