N.K. Jemisin Quotes: Suffering Is Part Of Life She Said All

Suffering Is Part Of Life,' She Said. 'All The Parts Of Life Are Jumbled Up Together; You Can't Separate Out Just The One Thing.' She Parred His Hand Again, Kindly. 'I Could Let You Kill Me Now, Lovely Man, And Have Peace And Good Dreams Forever. But Who Knows What I Get Instead, If I Stay? Maybe Time To See A New Grandchild. Maybe A Good Joke That Sets Me Laughing For Days. Maybe Another Handsome Young Fellow Flirting With Me.' She Grinned Toothlessly, Then Let Loose Another Horrible, Racking Cough. Ehiru Steadies Her With Shaking Hands. 'I Want Every Moment Of My Life, Pretty Man, The Painful And The Sweet Alike. Until The Very End. If These Are All The Memories I Get For Eternity, I Want To Take As Many Of Them With Me As I Can.
— N.K. Jemisin —

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