The Script Quotes: Theyre Kicking Us Out Saying Its Time To

They're Kicking Us Out Saying It's Time To Close
We're Leaning On Each Other Try'na Beat The Cold
Carry Your Shoes And I Give You My Coat Walking These Streets Like They're Paved Gold
Anymore Excuses Is Not To Go
Neither One Of Us Want To Take That Taxi Home
Singing Our Hearts, Standing On Chairs
Spending The Time Like We Were Millionaires
Laughing Our Heads Off, The Two Of Us Stared
Spending The Time Like We Were Millionaires
Lost My Heart And I Hope To Die
Seeing That Sunlight Hit Your Eyes
Been Up All Night But You Still Look Amazing To Me
Half The Time Of The Night You Only Dream
About If God Came Down He Could Take Me Now
Cause In My Mind, Yeah We Will Always Be
— The Script —

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