Daniel G. Amen Quotes: When A Woman Understands The Uniqueness

When A Woman Understands The Uniqueness Of The Female Brain-how To Care For It, How To Make The Most Of Its Strengths, How To Overcome Its Challenges, How To Fall In Love With It, And Ultimately, How To Unleash Its Full Power-there Is No Stopping Her. In Her Personal Development, At Work, And In Her Relationships, She Can Bring The Best Of Herself To Her Family, Her Community, And Her Planet. By Contrast, A Woman Who Is Not Caring Optimally For Her Brain, Who Is Not Giving It The Full Range Of Nutrients, Exercise, Sleep, And Emotional Support That It Needs, Is Squandering Her Most Valuable Resource. If You Are Not Taking Good Care Of Your Brain, You Are At A Significantly Higher Risk Of Brain Fog, Memory Problems, Low Energy, Distractibility, Poor Decisions, Obesity, Heart Disease, Cancer, And Diabetes.
— Daniel G. Amen —

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