Alexandra Horowitz Quotes: A Walk Is Exploring Surfaces And

A Walk Is Exploring Surfaces And Textures With Finger, Toe, And-yuck-tongue; Standing Still And Seeing Who Or What Comes By; Trying Out Different Forms Of Locomotion (among Them Running, Marching, High-kicking, Galloping, Scooting, Projectile Falling, Spinning, And Noisy Shuffling). It Is Archeology: Exploring The Bit Of Discarded Candy Wrapper; Collecting A Fistful Of Pebbles And A Twig And A Torn Corner Of A Paperback; Swishing Dirt Back And Forth Along The Ground. It Is Stopping To Admire The Murmuring Of The Breeze In The Trees; Locating The Source Of The Bird's Song; Pointing. Pointing!- Using The Arm To Extend One's Fallen Gaze So Someone Else Can See What You've Seen. It Is A Time Of Sharing. On Our Block,
— Alexandra Horowitz —

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