Sydney Salter Quotes: Im Crying For The Little Girl Whose

I'm Crying For The Little Girl Whose Mother Divorced Her Father, The Girl Who Wanted To Fall In Love For The First Time But Wasn't Ready For Sex, The Girl Who Dated A Boy Just Because He Wasn't The First One, The Girl Who Fell Hard For The Guy With The Easy Smile And The Green Eyes, The Girl Who Needed To Prove She Could Hook Up On A Class Trip, The Girl Who Rand For Student Council Just To Impress A Guy, The Girl Who Lost Her Best Friend, The Girl Whose Father Doesn't Care Anymore, The Girl Who Doesn't Have The Money For College, The Girl Who Just Wants Her Grandma To Fix Everything, The Girl Who Doesn't Talk To Anyone About Anything, The Girl Who Just Can't Fall In Love Again - Even If A Sweet Guy Folds A Thousand Paper Cranes. Just For Her.
— Sydney Salter —

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