Jim Beaver Quotes: April 11 2004does Anyone Know Where I

April 11, 2004
Does Anyone Know Where I Can Find A Copy Of The Rules Of Thought, Feeling, And Behavior In These Circumstances? It Seems Like There Should Be A Rule Book Somewhere That Lays Out Everything Exactly The Way One Should Respond To A Loss Like This. I'd Surely Like To Know If I'm Doing It Right. Am I Whining Enough Or Too Much? Am I Unseemly In My Occasional Moments Of Lightheartedness? At What Date And I Supposed To Turn Off The Emotion And Jump Back On The Treadmill Of Normalcy? Is There A Specific Number Of Days Or Decades That Must Pass Before I Can Do Something I Enjoy Without Feeling I've Betrayed My Dearest Love? And When, Oh When, Am I Ever Really Going To Believe This Has Happened? Next Time You're In A Bookstore, As If There's A Rule Book.
11:54 P.m.
— Jim Beaver —

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