Philippa Gregory Quotes: I Woke At Dawn Every Morning To His

I Woke At Dawn Every Morning To His Touch, The Delight Of His Warmth And The Heady Smell Of His Skin. I Had Never Before Lain With A Man Who Had Loved Me Completely, For Myself, And It Was A Dizzy Experience. I Had Never Lain With A Man Whose Touch I Adored Without Any Need To Hide My Adoration, Or Exaggerate It, Or Adjust It At All. I Simply Loved Him As If He Were My One And Only Lover, And He Loved Me Too With The Same Simplicty Of Appetite And Disire Which Made Me Wonder What I Thought I Had Been Doing All Those Years When I Had Been Dealing In The False Coin Of Vanity And Lust. I Had Not Known Then That All Along There Had Been This Other Currency Of Pure Gold.
— Philippa Gregory —

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