Marion D. Hanks Quotes: Married People Should Be Best Friends No

Married People Should Be Best Friends; No Relationship On Earth Needs Friendship As Much As Marriage ... Friendship In A Marriage Is So Important. It Blows Away The Chaff And Takes The Kernel, Rejoices In The Uniqueness Of The Other, Listens Patiently, Gives Generously, Forgives Freely. Friendship Will Motivate One To Cross The Room One Day And Say 'I'm Sorry. I Didn't Mean That.' It Will Not Pretend Perfection Nor Demand It. It Will Not Insist That Both Respond Exactly The Same In Every Thought And Feeling, But It Will Bring To The Union Honesty, Integrity. There Will Be Repentance And Forgiveness In Every Marriage
every Good Marriage
and Respect And Trust.
— Marion D. Hanks —

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