Caitlin Moran Quotes: Overeating Is The Addiction Of Choice Of

Overeating Is The Addiction Of Choice Of Carers, And That's Why It's Come To Be Regarded As The Lowest-ranking Of All The Addictions. It's A Way Of Fucking Yourself Up While Still Remaining Fully Functional, Because You Have To. Fat People Aren't Indulging In The "luxury" Of Their Addiction Making Them Useless, Chaotic, Or A Burden. Instead, They Are Slowly Self-destructing In A Way That Doesn't Inconvenience Anyone. And That's Why It's So Often A Woman's Addiction Of Choice. All The Quietly Eating Mums. All The KitKats In Office Drawers. All The Unhappy Moments, Late At Night, Caught Only In The Fridge Light.
— Caitlin Moran —

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