Andrew Sullivan Quotes: Love Is About Control And Loss Of

Love Is About Control And Loss Of Control. In Love, We Give Ourselves Up To Each Other. We Lose Control Or, Rather, We Cede Control To Another, Trusting In A Way We Would Never Otherwise Trust, Letting The Other Person Hold The Deepest Part Of Our Being In Their Hands, With The Capacity To Hurt It Mortally. This Cession Of Control Is A Deeply Terrifying Thing, Which Is Why We Crave It And Are Drawn To It Like Moths To The Flame, And Why We Have To Trust It Unconditionally. In Love, So Many Hazardous Uncertainties In Life Are Resolved: The Constant Negotiation With Other Souls, The Fear And Distrust That Lie Behind Almost Every Interaction, The Petty Loneliness That We Learned To Live With As Soon As We Grew Apart From Our Mother's Breast. We Lose All This In The Arms Of Another. We Come Home At Last To A Primal Security, Made Manifest By Each Other's Nakedness ...
And With That Loss Of Control Comes Mutual Power, The Power To Calm, The Power To Redeem, And The Power To Hurt.
— Andrew Sullivan —

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