Lydia Minatoya Quotes: Theres A Reason Why I Tell This Story To

There's A Reason Why I Tell This Story. To Me These Sunday Painters Represent Myo-the Strangeness Of Beauty-an Idea That Transcendence Can Be Found In What's Common And Small. Rather Than Wishing For Singularity And Celebrity And Genius (and Growing All Gloomy In Its Absence), These Painters Recognize The Ordinariness Of Their Talents And Remain Undaunted.
It's The Blessings In Life, Not In Self, That They Mean To Express.
And Therein Lies The Transcendence. For As People Pursue Their Plain, Decent Goals, As They Whittle Their Crude Flutes, Paint Their Flat Landscapes, Make Unexceptional Love To Their Spouses-in Their Numbers Across Cultures And Time, In Their Sheer Tenacity As In The Face Of A Random Universe They Perform Their Small Acts Of Awareness And Appreciation-there Is A Mysterious, Strange Beauty.
— Lydia Minatoya —

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