Derendrea Quotes: Hello Miya His Smooth Tone Speaking My

Hello, Miya."
His Smooth Tone Speaking My Name Made A Warm Sensation Tingle Across The Surface Of My Body.
A Hundred Questions Ran Through My Head, Wanting To Be Spoken. How Do They Know Who I Am? Who Are They? What Do They Want With Me? I Was A Single, Working-class Associate Professor With Department Store Clothes. Surely They Didn't Think They Would Get Much Of A Ransom For Me. The Expression On The Man's Face Held Me, And My Demanding Thoughts.
"We Aren't Going To Harm You."
I Smirked At Him And Glanced At My Right Arm, Feeling Its Ache. My Elbow Might Be Badly Bruised, But It Wasn't Broken. His Eyes Followed Mine And He Sighed.
"That Was An Accident." His Tan, Sinewy Hand Touched My Wrist Then Delicately Ran Down My Bones To My Elbow. I Flinched, But Didn't Feel Any Pain.
— Derendrea —

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