Justin Lee Quotes: But There Shouldnt Be A Clash Between

But There Shouldn't Be A Clash Between "God's Truth" And "more Loving." In The Bible, Truth And Love Are Two Sides Of The Same Coin. You Can't Have One Without The Other. God's Truth Is All About God's Love For Us And The Love We Ought To Have For One Another. We Are Being Untrue To That Truth If We Treat People Unlovingly. And We Are Missing Out On The Full Extent Of That Love If We Try To Divorce It From Ultimate Truth. We Christians Must Work To Repair This Schism In The Church. If The Church Is To Survive Much Longer In Our Culture, It Must Teach And Model The Christianity Of Jesus-a Faith That Combines Truth And Love In The Person Of Jesus Christ, Revealed To Us In The Bible And Lived Out In The Everyday Lives Of His Followers. That Is What We Say We Believe. It's Time We Start Acting Like It.
— Justin Lee —

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