Diana Rowland Quotes: I Just Cant Believe You Fucked That

I Just Can't Believe You Fucked That Thing !" He Retorted, Voice Rough With What I Coud Only Assume Was Utter Distain. "Why ... Why Would You Do That ?"
( ... )
"Because I'm Lonely ! " I Exploded, Standing And Nearly Tipping The Stool Over. "Because I've Only Ever Had Two Boyfriends, And They Were Shitty In Bed, And They Never Stayed Very Long Anyway. I Had This Incredibly Gorgeous Guy Wanting To Kiss Me And Make Love To Me And I Wanted It. I Don't I Have Many Friends. I Mean, Shit ! I Know He Was Just Trying To Get Something From Me, But Y'know What ? I Wanted Something From Him Too. I Wanted To Be Touched And Wanted And To Feel - For A Few Fucking Minutes - That I Was Sexy And Desirable. And To Feel - For A Few Fucking Minutes - A Way I Knew I'd Never Felt Before And Would Probably Never Feel Again !".
— Diana Rowland —

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