Lisa Mangum Quotes: Then Think Of This As An Adventure I

Then Think Of This As An Adventure." I Kissed Hi Cheek. "So Which Flower Should I Be?"
He Curled Me Close To His Chest, Nuzzling His Face Into My Hair. "Mmmm, Can't You Be All Of Them? My Own Bouquet Of Beauty? Like Daisies Opening Their Friendly Petals." He Brushed His Fingertips Over My Eyelids. "Or Marigolds That Burn Like The Summer Sun." He Rubbed His Hands Over My Back. "Or Orchids-rare And Exotic." He Traced A Finger Across My Collarbone Down To Rest Lightly On The Locket I Wore All The Time. "Roses For Passion." He Kissed Me.
— Lisa Mangum —

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