Louisa Edwards Quotes: Max Rocked Back On His Heels Shoving His

Max Rocked Back On His Heels, Shoving His Hands Into His Pockets, And Said, 'So. Juliet Cavanaugh. I Assume My Parents Have Been Talking Your Ear Off For The Last However Many Months, Telling You How Awesome I Am, And Filling Your Head Full Of Stories Of My Impressive Talents In The Kitchen.'
'Um. Not So Much,' Jules Said, Shooting A Glance At Danny, Who Shook His Head And Went Back To His Prep Work.
'No? I Should Take This Opportunity To Set The Record Straight, Then.' Max Heaved A Deep Sigh. 'It's All True.'
'Everything They Should've Told You About Me,' Max Explained. 'And I Don't Know Why They Didn't, Because It's All True. No Exaggeration Or Family Bias Plays Into It At All
I Am The Best Chef In The Entire World.
— Louisa Edwards —

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