Hume Nisbet Quotes: They Bear Down Upon Westminster The

They Bear Down Upon Westminster, The Ghost-consecrated Abbey, And The History-crammed Hall, Through The Arches Of The Bridge With A Rush As The Tide Swelters Round Them; The City Is Buried In A Dusky Gloom Save Where The Lights Begin To Gleam And Trail With Lurid Reflections Past Black Velvety- Looking Hulls - A Dusky City Of Golden Gleams. St. Paul's Looms Up Like An Immense Bowl Reversed, Squat, Un-English, And Undignified In Spite Of Its Great Size; They Dart Within The Sombre Shadows Of The Bridge Of Sighs, And Pass The Tower Of London, With The Rising Moon Making The Sky Behind It Luminous, And The Crowd Of Shipping In Front Appear Like A Dense Forest Of Withered Pines, And Then Mooring Their Boat At The Steps Beyond, With A Shuddering Farewell Look At The Eel-like Shadows And The Glittering Lights Of That Writhing River, With Its Burthen Seen And Invisible, They Plunge Into The Purlieus Of Wapping.
("The Phantom Model")
— Hume Nisbet —

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