J. Valor Quotes: It Was Floating Waiting It Had No Sense

It Was Floating. Waiting.
It Had No Sense Of How Long It Had Been In This State. Its Awareness Had Retreated Into A Tiny Core At The Center Of Its Being, Away From The Searing Torment Of Separation, Its Very Essence Ripped Apart. Never Had It Known Such Sensation. So It Had Retreated, Further And Deeper, Wrapping Itself In A Cocoon Of Light; Waiting Only For A Call, For An Opening, That It Might Be Reunited With Its Beloved. Waiting Until ...
Something Stirred Within. Suddenly, There Is A Reaching, A Pulling. Its Awareness Opens And It Is Caught In A Field Of Gravity. It Plunges Down, Irresistibly Down Toward The Blue Planet, Unable To Control Or Navigate.
— J. Valor —

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