Martin Cruz Smith Quotes: Stalin Gothic Was Not So Much An

Stalin Gothic Was Not So Much An Architectural Style As A Form Of Worship. Elements Of Greek, French, Chinese And Italian Masterpieces Had Been Thrown Into The Barbarian Wagon And Carted To Moscow And The Master Builder Himself, Who Had Piled Them One On The Other Into The Cement Towers And Blazing Torches Of His Rule, Monstrous Skyscrapers Of Ominous Windows, Mysterious Crenellations And Dizzying Towers That Led To The Clouds, And Yet Still More Rising Spires Surmounted By Ruby Stars That At Night Glowed Like His Eyes. After His Death, His Creations Were More Embarrassment Than Menace, Too Big For Burial With Him, So They Stood, One To Each Part Of Town, Great Brooding, Semi-Oriental Temples, Not Exorcised But Used.
— Martin Cruz Smith —

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