G. Willow Wilson Quotes: Festivals And Fasts Are Unhinged

Festivals And Fasts Are Unhinged, Traveling Backward At A Rate Of Ten Days Per Year, Attached To No Season. Even Laylat Ul Qadr, The Holiest Night In Ramadan, Drifts
its Precise Date Is Unknown. The Iconclasm Laid Down By Muhammed Was Absolute: You Must Resist Attachment Not Only To Painted Images, But To Natural Ones. Ramadan, Muharram, The Eids; You Associate No Religious Event With The Tang Of Snow In The Air, Or Spring Thaw, Or The Advent Of Summer. God Permeates These Things
as The Saying Goes, Allah Is Beautiful, And He Loves Beauty
but They Are Transient. Forced To Concentrate On The Eternal, You Begin To See, Or Think You See, The Bones And Sinews Of The World Beneath Its Seasonal Flesh. The Sun And Moon Become Formidable Clockwork. They Are Transient Also, But Hint At The Dark Planes That Stretch Beyond The Earth In Every Direction, Full Of Stars And Dust, Toward A Retreating, Incomprehensible Edge
— G. Willow Wilson —

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