Alexis M. Smith Quotes: Youve Been Here Before Bell Remember The

You've Been Here Before, Bell. Remember The Stories You Told Me About Wandering In The Woods When You Were A Little Girl? It Scared The Crap Out Of You, But You Went Out There All Alone, Knee-high To A Bunny Rabbit, And Picked Berries And Climbed Trees And Found Bird Nests And Came Home All Bug-bitten And Mossy. And You Loved Every Minute Of It. It Made You Our Beautiful Arctic Bell, Impervious To Cold And Feared By Mosquitoes. Aren't You Glad You Didn't Stay By Grandma's Side, Darning Socks And Baking Gingerbread?
Who Darns Socks?
Girls Nobody Tells Stories About.
— Alexis M. Smith —

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