Arun D. Ellis Quotes: A Revolutionary War Of Freedom He Said

A Revolutionary War Of Freedom, He Said" Hiawatha Responded Crisply, "and I Agree ... Does Superman Ever Fly To Thailand And Free The Kids Slaving In The Sweat Shops Owned By The Rich Corporations? No, He Doesn't. Does Batman Ever Break Into Prison And Free The Wrongfully Convicted And Over Sentenced Black Man Whose Rights Were Trampled On When He Was Incarcerated? No, He Doesn't. Does Spider Man Ever Break Into A House In Suburbia And Beat Up The Abusive And Violent Husband? No, He Doesn't."
"Do The Fantastic Four Ever Fly Out To Third World Countries And Defend The Rights Of The Poor Civilians Against Greedy American Corporations? No, They Don't," Said The Pirate, Not To Be Outdone.
"They're All Just Tools Used By The State To Maintain The Status Quo," Said Hiawatha.
— Arun D. Ellis —

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