Eva Schuette Quotes: When I Say I Wont Hurt You Its A Promise

When I Say 'I Won't Hurt You', It's A Promise, Which Can And Will Be Kept But It Does Not Come From Me Without A Breakdown Of What It Means.
It Does Not Mean We Will Never Disagree, Nor Does It Mean That You Will Always Like Everything Which I Say Or Do. It Does Not Mean That You Will Never Hurt Yourself By Behaving In A Way Which Is Damaging To A Relationship Or By Behaving In A Way Which Would Ultimately Result In My Withdrawal From Your Life. What It Does Mean Is That I Can Promise All That I Expect In Terms Of Loyalty, Honor And Respect. It Means I Am Faithful. It Also Means That I Will Not Intentionally Or Carelessly Behave In A Way Which Causes Upset Or Doubt. It Means, At The Lowest Level, 'You Will Break These Terms Before I Do.'
Communication Is Essential. Trust Is Paramount.
Be Completely Honest And Don't Make Promises That You Can't Keep, That's All.
— Eva Schuette —

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