Anne Sexton Quotes: Anne I Dont Want To Live Now Listen Life

Anne, I Don't Want To Live ... Now Listen, Life Is Lovely, But I Can't Live It. I Can't Even Explain. I Know How Silly It Sounds ... But If You Knew How It Felt. To Be Alive, Yes, Alive, But Not Be Able To Live It. Ay That's The Rub. I Am Like A Stone That Lives ... Locked Outside Of All That's Real ... Anne, Do You Know Of Such Things, Can You Hear???? I Wish, Or Think I Wish, That I Were Dying Of Something For Then I Could Be Brave, But To Be Not Dying, And Yet ... And Yet To [be] Behind A Wall, Watching Everyone Fit In Where I Can't, To Talk Behind A Gray Foggy Wall, To Live But To Not Reach Or To Reach Wrong ... To Do It All Wrong ... Believe Me, (can You?) ... What's Wrong. I Want To Belong. I'm Like A Jew Who Ends Up In The Wrong Country. I'm Not A Part. I'm Not A Member. I'm Frozen.
— Anne Sexton —

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