JohnA Passaro Quotes: I Need To Dream I Need To Believe I Need

I Need To Dream.
I Need To Believe.
I Need To Know That I Have Some Control In My Life.
That If I Work Hard, That I Will Be Rewarded.
That Life Is Not Arbitrary.
I Need To Believe That Bad Things Happen To Good People, For A Greater Reason.
That Dedication, Sacrifice, Hard Work, Discipline Are All Worthy Attributes That Will Eventually Produce Extraordinary Results.
That If I Live A Certain Lifestyle, That My Family Will Be Better For That.
That There Is A Direct Link Between My Actions And My Results.
That If I Prepare Properly That I Can Face The Insurmountable Foe And Look Him In The Eye And Say "Bring It On, I Can Take Whatever You Can Dish Out."
I Need To Keep Living In Order To Save My Daughter From Dying.
— JohnA Passaro —

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